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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is there a Wetland ecosystem within the woodland forest? Underground streams and creeks run through the back edges of Lost Acres.  These natural waterways give us a wetland ecosystem within our forest that supports reed and sedge plants.
What kinds of wildflowers does "Lost Acres" have? We have the largest collection of Pink Lady's Slipper orchids in the Upstate on our property.  The other orchid common to Lost Acres is the Rattlesnake Plantain.  In addition, we have pitcher plants in the wetlands and lots of other wildflowers in the preserve with samples planted in our gardens by the Foster Pavilion.
What species of birds nest in the bird boxes we make? Bluebirds, Carolina Chickadees, Carolina Wrens, House Wrens, sparrows and other small birds will build their nests in the bird boxes.  The boxes are designed so that the nesting material can be removed for annual spring cleaning.
How many bird boxes have been assembled at WLA Upstate? Day-care, school, and church group children, and seniors have assembled over 10,000 bird boxes to date.
Is Lost Acres open to the public? Lost Acres is open to Wildlife Action members.  Guests must be accompanied by a Wildlife Action member. Groups may rent Lost Acres and Facilities for events such as group activities, nature walks, photography, birthday parties, reunions, archery, BB gun practice, educational events, orienteering, picnicking, overnight camping and scouting activities. See News/Forms for additional information and rates.
Can the Chapel be rented for religious events?  Yes, the outdoor Chapel is available to rent for religious services, weddings, etc.  A full kitchen is available to prepare meals.  In case of rain, the Foster Pavilion and indoor Activity Building are nearby and each seats 60.  To schedule your event, contact Jane Hughston 864-576-2236.

What are my benefits as a WLA Upstate member?
  • Membership card & decal
  • 6 issues of the WLA National Pride magazines
  • 12 issues of the WLA Upstate Newsletter
  • Monthly meeting with meal, program and fellowship
  • Use of WLA Upstate facilities
    • Pavilion, Kitchen, Activity Building and Restrooms
    • BB and Archery ranges
    • Nature Trail
  • Scheduled events (see newsletters)
  • School and Senior Group Programs
  • Pioneer Day activities

To Join Wildlife Action
ontact John Harris
864-576-1410 or 864-576-4781



Is overnight camping permitted at Lost Acres? A grassy area that can handle 20 tents is available for overnight camping.  Running water, electricity, and restrooms are nearby.  See News/Forms for additional information and rates. 
Are Hunter Safety Courses offered at Lost Acres? Yes, contact  Dan McCall, VP Hunting, 541-8831, send him an email or see the Hunter Safety Course information at the SCDNR website.