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Education Committee

Education Committee: Jane Hughston (864) 576-2236 , Nancy Biggerstaff, Janet Grimsley

A morning or afternoon field trip typically consists of these activities:

 ♦ Bird Boxes -- Assemble bird boxes and learn about bird behavior
 ♦ Skins & Skulls -- Learn about animals, their habitats and characteristics with a hands-on experience
 ♦ Nature Trail -- A ¾-mile walk guided by volunteers who share information about the trees and plants native to
    Lost Acres
 ♦ Eddie Eagle -- A gun safety video that teaches children to "Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, Tell an Adult"
   when they see or find a gun

Classes are divided into small groups to ensure that children receive individual attention. All sessions are led by adult volunteers who have passed the security check. Other age appropriate activities are available upon request.  Groups are welcome to bring lunch to eat at the Foster Pavilion.

We are also available to take the following activities into your classroom or meeting place: Bird Boxes, Skins & Skulls, Leaf Printing.

Please email our WLA Upstate Education Committee for further information, additional education opportunities and fees.   

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Nature Trail Skins and Skulls
Bird Box Assembly Eddie Eagle Gun Safety