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Environmental Committee

Environmental Committee: Polly Bennett, Mott Hope, Jim Biggerstaff, Jane Hughston

The WLA Upstate Chapter has an active, ongoing commitment to protect and preserve our 40-acre woodland forest for generations to come.  We are proud to have a natural wetland area as part of our natural forest.  Our garden areas are filled with wildflowers and plants native to the upstate.

Members and visitors are ever vigilant to conditions in and around the property.  No Trespassing and No Dumping signs are posted around the perimeter of the property.  We recycle aluminum cans and #1 plastic containers through the Spartan Recycle Group.  The proceeds from recycling are used to purchase nails for bird boxes.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Please email our Environmental Committee at environment@wlaupstate.org

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Carolina Wren Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid