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Mrs. Revis' Third Grade Class at Oakbrook Preparatory School in Spartanburg, SC presented WLA Upstate Chapter with a Thank you, Lost Acres! book of their field trip to Lost Acres.

Dick Cassel presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Teri Peeler (on right), Teacher at West View Elementary School, April 2014. These are the 4th Grade students and teachers who collect cans for recycling.  The proceeds are used to purchase nails for our bird boxes.

Dick Cassel presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Jo 

Dick Cassel presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Joyce Davis of United Forest Products (on left) for the lumber they donate for bird boxes.  Jim Biggerstaff (not pictured), is the bird box designer and builder. Chapter volunteers assemble bird boxes with students, scouts, and visitors from Spartan and surrounding counties.
Gail Robinson and Barbara Macdonald, members of the Fannie Louise Holcombe Garden Club, Spartanburg, are building a Carolina Fence™ Garden at Lost Acres.  The Garden, located on the south side of the Chapel, will incorporate natural and cultural state symbols as designated by the SC Wildlife Federation. The elements include a split rail fence symbolizing the SC law to fence in livestock; blue granite, the State stone; a bird bath as the water source; Carolina wren house, for the state bird; yellow jessamine, the state flower; goldenrod, the state wild flower; Indian grass, the state grass; and other native wildflowers to attract the eastern tiger swallowtail, the state butterfly.

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